What is Salem Ancestry?

Celebrate genealogy and ancestral connections to Salem, Massachusetts, during a weekend of lectures, tours, and research.

Save the date for Salem Ancestry Days, April 19 – 21, 2024!

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Salem Ancestry Days 2024

Residents and visitors are invited to celebrate their ancestral and immigrant connections to Salem, Massachusetts during the first annual Salem Ancestry Days celebration, which will be held April 19-April 21, 2024. The weekend will feature lectures, tours, research opportunities, and information on the people who connect us all to Salem.

Latest Past Events

Salem Ancestry Days: The Tradition of Weir-Fishing

Cat Cove Marine Laboratory, Salem State University SALE-44_0037, Salem

Thomas Green, representative of the Massachusetts's Tribe, shares the ancient practice of weir-fishing and fish smoking. Space is limited, reservations may be made HERE

Salem Witch Trials Ancestors & Descendants Tour

Salem will be 400 years old in 2026. It is rich in history, including a critical role in the American Revolution and being the richest seaport per capita from 1790...

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